Best Practices
Managed Services
For Mobile, Desktop &
Point-of-sale Devices

Our unique PointMan PortalSM enables us to better deploy, support, secure and manage large fleets with less hassle and gives our clients graphic insight into project, process, and asset status.


Mobile Solutions

Our dedicated team is ready to deploy and manage every aspect of the largest and most complex wireless programs with our full suite of award-winning lifecycle management services. From start to finish, it’s all enabled with technology Gartner has recognized as Magic Quadrant. Whether you need help with a mass deployment, controlling device and app security, managing carrier expenses, or establishing a secure and reliable corporate repair process, our work is designed to deliver superior outcomes and enhance your image within the organization.

Lifecycle Services

Desktop Solutions

If you need to configure, deploy, manage, and maintain thousands of desktop or POS system assets, let us show you why large enterprises rely on us:

No-hassle support within budget. Our certified bench technicians coupled with our field team of over 5,000 onsite technicians deliver a superior, closed-loop system for best practices speed and accuracy. It’s all enabled by our Gartner Magic Quadrant software in the cloud that’s easy to interface with, so updates automatically populate into your system saving time for everyone on the help desk.

Lifecycle Services

Managed Print

Consolidate your fleet and pay one low price per page for the printer, maintenance, and toner. We incorporate our ISO 9001 certified quality toner into the program to deliver a lower cost per page than the OEMs do all guaranteed. Our automated order software ships a toner to the end user when a cartridge hits 10% of its remaining life. This saves times and eliminates the need and expense of redundant inventory. It’s the best way to save the most time and money.

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Corporate Toner

We enlisted a team of corporate purchasing managers to help us build the Amazon of corporate toner supply. We built proprietary program compliance software that enables our clients to increase program participation to better drive the savings they’ve negotiated and increase buying power. Our software also produces a unique Smart InvoiceSM that provides you a single monthly invoice, sorted and totaled by cost center. It includes proof of delivery tied to your PO# for every order so you eliminate the task of confirming order receipt and save precious time.

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