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We are the leading choice of large enterprises for mobile and desktop hardware managed services. Our clients rely on us to procure, secure, configure, deploy, support, and repair their assets because we do it well, back it with a unique money-back guarantee, and underscore all processes with Gartner Magic Quadrant technology.

After 10 years with FedEx, our founder, Carl Albrecht, saw an IT Services industry that was behind the curve he admired at FedEx on several fronts. The lack of commitment, proof of performance, speed, service quality, and efficiency were apparent in his dealings with the industry. The result is PointManagement: An award-winning, customer-pleasing and press-recognized answer for customers who want their hardware and wireless carriers managed right.

  • Simplify management of the printer fleet and save time and money by rolling the printer, maintenance, and supply costs into one low cost per page.

  • Our managed print software connects to your printer fleet. It enables us to provide alerts for preventative maintenance to keep your assets in top running condition at all times. It also automatically orders toner when you’re low so you don’t need to tie up money in extra inventory on the shelf, but you always have toner in time to continue printing.

  • The only money-back guarantee in the industry. Forget the vague commitments you had in your last contract. And speaking of contract: You can exit ours anytime, so we have to earn your business every day.

  • FedEx provides the delivery time and date stamp for every delivery on every invoice so you know they delivered against their commitment. Why should IT Service reporting be any different?

As a result of our core pillars, PointManagement is recognized as the best practices provider in the industry. For more information, please contact us as


  • Over 15,000 expert field technicians with specialties in all facets of desktop and mobile device management
  • Fast inside delivery, onsite exchange, or repair services
  • Covering all of US, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Managed on Gartner Magic Quadrant Platform


If you need to deploy 20,000 workstations or credit card readers, replace POS hardware at 4,000 stores, or repair a remote PC or printer, our techs get the job done on time and right.


Lifecycle Services

Lifecycle Services focus on three pivotal areas: Deployment, Managed Services, and Hardware

Our Team

  • Carl founded PointManagement in 2005 as a response to a lackluster, uncommitted IT services industry. PointManagement became the welcome alternative in the marketplace, setting new standards with proof-of-performance reporting and money-back service level guarantees. The company has grown from servicing SMB clients to attracting and growing relationships with Fortune 500 and other large enterprises.
    Carl’s career includes sales and management roles at Procter & Gamble and FedEx. At these companies, he learned the processes and enabling technology that make operational excellence possible. As a result, he formed PointManagement to give CIOs a better way to deploy and manage mobile and desktop hardware.
    Carl holds BA degrees in Marketing and Personnel Management from The University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is currently a Board Member on the Burridge D. Butler Memorial Trust, a charitable organization. Carl is married and has two children. Carl’s favorite things after his family include the UW Fighting Badgers, single malt scotch, Led Zeppelin, sailing, and platform tennis.

  • Ryan runs sales and marketing for PointManagement. He was born and raised in a small town in southeastern Indiana, about 40 minutes outside of Cincinnati. He is a graduate of Indiana University with a BS in Business Management, and proud to say he is a Hoosier which has added to some spirited office competitions over college sports. Ryan has devoted over seven years in the mobility arena, including with Sprint and MOBI, developing business solutions for large government and enterprise customers.
    The explosion of mobility in the corporate environment has challenged business to keep pace with complex deployments, security, apps, support, and expense management. Ryan has developed long-lasting business relationships based on his passion for the customer and his ability to harness technology in a customized way to meet the client’s desktop and mobile objectives. His approach to clients is based in his natural foundations of integrity and service.
    Outside of the office, Ryan spends a majority of his time with family and friends, attends sporting events, and volunteers for several local charitable organizations including the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

  • Eddy met Carl when they both joined the same fraternity (Fiji) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned a BS degree in Economics. The two pursued different paths: Carl in sales and marketing, Eddy in IT operations. After 25 years as an onsite service technician, Windows network and software trainer, and IT manager, visiting 46 of the 48 states in the continental US (sorry Idaho and Montana), Eddy brought the right technical background to PointManagement. This combined with his deep empathy for the field tech and the end user helps PointManagement to deliver superior value to its customers.
    In addition, Eddy also manages the deployment, services, and bench tech organization, and has been surprising customers with the detail he can deliver at a moment’s notice on any aspect of their business, making him the backbone for customer success and satisfaction. His favorite pastimes include The Wisconsin Badgers, beer, and a round of mediocre golf.

  • Cathy has overseen business administration at PointManagement since its founding, including legal, financial, and employee matters. Prior to PointManagement, Cathy was a lawyer and partner with the Chicago law firm of Altheimer & Gray in corporate law, domestic private equity, mergers and acquisitions transactions, and in international joint ventures (primarily in the Czech Republic and China). Cathy holds a BS degree in journalism and a JD in law, both from Northwestern University.
    Cathy participates in a number of civic, religious, and charitable activities, including serving as a board member and chairperson. One of her favorite pastimes is to plan personal and family travel experiences to explore past and current cultures. She would like nothing better than to experience all of the locations in the travel book 1,000 Places to See Before you Die by Patricia Schultz.