PointManagement is modeled as the FedEx of IT Business Process Outsourcing. We integrate Gartner Magic Quadrant SAAS, best practices logistics, onsite services, and customer corporate systems for seamless insight into every aspect of the asset lifecycle. These Core Principles Underscore our Operations Excellence and Service Outcomes:

Gartner Magic Quadrant Enabling Technology
Best Practices Logistics
Transparent Reporting Against Committed Metrics
Performance-Based Fee Guarantees



Company Values

At PointManagement, we have built a following of blue chip clients by centering all team members around the customer’s business processes and committed outcomes against defined metrics. We have the resources to serve large and complex enterprise business needs coupled with our I Know YouTM customer service. We sweat the details and turn on a dime to match customer changes and special requests because the team has the economic authority to make it happen. That means our clients get independently certified best in breed Managed Services resources paired with personal and highly effective customer service rarely seen from large managed services providers.

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