How Managed Mobile Services Brings Cost Savings — and a Competitive Advantage — to Your Business

The managed mobility service market reached 6.83 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 31.41% to 34.76 billion by 2025. This rapid expansion is predicated by the increased popularity of the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend in various industries.

BYOD or office-supplied mobile devices assist companies in increasing productivity, agility, and flexibility for optimal profitability.

However, a widespread mobile fleet can negatively impact in-house IT personnel or, if managed incorrectly, can expose businesses to mobile data loss and theft.

In fact, statistics show that mobile device theft is on the increase, with loss due to business break-ins increasing by 2.11% and thefts from home, offices, and schools combined making up over 65% of thefts.

While managing a mobile fleet can be complex and time-consuming, outsourcing this task to a managed mobile services (MMS) provider can bring both cost-savings, peace of mind, and a competitive advantage.

Managed Mobile Services Best Practices

The daily management of a mobile fleet includes a number of tasks that help manage, secure, and monitor a company’s mobile devices — whether these devices are employee-owned or issued by the organization.

These tasks include:

  • Distribution of software
  • Policy and security management
  • Management of inventory
  • Service management

The best way to achieve full coverage service without impacting in-house IT staff or risking data loss, theft, or cost escalation caused by mismanagement is to outsource management to an MMS provider.

A knowledgeable MMS team can help companies manage mobile assets with an eye toward cost-savings, security, and flexibility. There are a number of critical issues to consider when managing a mobile fleet, including:

1. Planning and Logistics

At PointManagement, we provide a holistic mobile management plan for enterprise leaders based on your organization’s unique goals and requirements.

This includes configuration of iOS or Android-based mobile devices for mass deployment, and access to same-day shipping for necessary hardware and accessories for additional flexibility.

Additionally, our exclusive PointMan ExchangeTM service provides the convenience of a White Glove Onsite Exchange to ensure that devices are accounted for and exchanged in a timely manner, minimizing exposure to loss and increasing device accountability.

For ultimate flexibility and optimal workflow, our team repairs, installs, and trains appropriate personnel onsite for fast, reliable access to the devices you need to keep your employees operating productively.

2. Controlling Business Versus Personal Browsing

It’s a fact that employees typically spend up to three hours per day browsing the web on personal business during work hours. This abuse costs businesses up to $63 billion in lost productivity each year, a significant number.

To control this, your MMS team will recommend that you set a clear and specific policy regarding personal use of mobile devices during work and combine it with a software-specific rules-based engine that will help keep end-users within the rules.

3. Security You Can Count On

As cybercriminals increasingly target printing as a way to gain access to your sensitive data, PointManagement MMS can help keep your enterprise protected, even when your employees are on the go.

With our exclusive “follow me” printing, mobile printing is simple and safe, allowing your enterprise to remain policy-compliant, no matter where you are.

Mobile workers have access to a single portal that contains necessary information on devices, data plan, contract, and policies that allows them to manage their device based on your preset policies, empowering them to make necessary changes to help them work smarter.

4. Increased Scalability and Interoperability

Managing a number of competing operating systems, devices, EMM licenses, and machine-to-machine protocols on your own can be daunting.

Our program removes the typical compartmentalizing that occurs with many self-managed mobile device schemes and allows for enhanced interoperability of cross-functional mobile support teams for a stronger competitive stance.

Finally, we help reduce operating expenses by offering our exclusive Telecom Expense Management software so you can audit your carrier expenses on a daily basis — a technique that typically saves 20% or more across industries.

PointManagement Has the MMS Program You Need to Stay Competitive

No matter what industry your enterprise services, our MMS team can quickly mobilize your employees for enhanced productivity, on-the-go security, and the kind of agility that will give your business a competitive edge.

Our team of experts are well-versed in customizing mobile device management programs that are designed to fit the unique requirements and challenges of your business model.

Beginning with an in-depth assessment of your current mobile needs and functionality, our team will design a solution that optimizes workflow, promotes security, and uncovers bottom-line cost savings.

Ready to see how a PointManagement MMS solution can help your enterprise work smarter? Contact a PointManagement MPS consultant and get an assessment today!

Why Hospitals Invest in Managed Print Services

Protecting public health and ensuring that patients get the best possible care in a crisis situation is a critical mission for the healthcare industry.

To accomplish this, hospitals and healthcare providers must protect their print infrastructure from downtime in the event of pandemics, natural disasters, and other events during which they must remain operating at full capacity.

Printer downtime can interfere with the transfer of essential information related to Electronic Health Records (EHRs), which can, in turn, have a negative effect on patient outcomes. Particularly during a widespread health crisis, fast and accurate communication of laboratory results to clinicians is necessary for effective intervention and care.

Print downtimes[1]  can not only affect the reliability of this communication, but they can also disrupt clinical workflows, affect patient care, increase labor costs and the overall cost of care.

Fortunately, the deployment of a strong managed print services (MPS) program can relieve the burden of print downtime, saving time and money and preserving a high level of patient care and satisfaction.

The Benefits of Managed Print Services for the Healthcare Industry

Managed Print Services (MPS) allow healthcare providers the agility, flexibility, and productivity necessary to provide consistent, top-level care to patients in all scenarios.

1. Predictive Maintenance to Reduce — or Eliminate — Downtime

Healthcare professionals understand the importance of preventative care and how it can reduce costs and extend patient life span.

A strong MPS program applies the principle of preventative care to printer fleets with remotely monitored, predictive maintenance that catches — and corrects — issues before they impact productivity.

Using our exclusive PointMan SecureTM program, we manage your entire print environment ensuring that imaging units are repaired before they break to virtually eliminate downtime. Additionally, toners and inks are supplied automatically to ensure no disruptions in service and no time wasted waiting for delivery of necessary supplies.

2. HIPAA-Oriented Protocols for Increased Compliance and Security

Regulatory requirement compliance is essential in the healthcare industry.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA) outlines that all printers, copiers, multifunction printers, and fax machines must be secured and maintained according to strict guidelines, and with good reason.

As cybercriminals turn their attention to the healthcare industry, patient health information (PHI) and healthcare service disruption remains at increased risk. To mitigate this risk and stay within HIPAA guidelines, managed print services for healthcare provides an exceptionally secure print environment.

Encrypted software and data, strong authentication protocols, and monitoring and audit capabilities are all included in our PointMan SecureTM program to bring compliance, security, and peace of mind to your healthcare practice.

3. Cost and Time Savings for a Healthier Bottom Line

Even without the burden that health crises such as pandemics or natural disasters place on the system, healthcare providers don’t have time to properly manage the complexities of the print environment.

Additionally, self-management comes with hidden costs, including:

  • Older devices that require intense maintenance
  • High downtime on legacy systems resulting in productivity loss — and costs
  • Older hardware or operating systems that are incompatible with newer technology
  • The burden of upkeep on in-house IT personnel

Managed print services for healthcare takes aim at these costs and time constraints by developing a system that reduces the cost of operation and the stress on in-house staff.

Our PointMan SecureTM  services can help your practice save up to 30% of total print spend by providing complete maintenance, troubleshooting, and automated supply replenishment services.

Additionally, we help healthcare providers eliminate waste for additional cost savings by:

  • Providing supplies addressed to specific printers to eliminate waste and misuse
  • Toner that must reach pre-set remaining levels before a new cartridge is sent to avoid reorders when a cartridge is simply removed and shaken.
  • Remanufactured ink and toner choices that provide the same — or better — quality than OEM brands at a 20 to 35% cost savings.

Finally, our MPS program gives healthcare providers the option of extending asset life to defer capital expenditures for increased bottom-line health.

Invest in PointManagement Managed Print Services and Keep Your Organization Running Smoothly

We have years of experience delivering on-target, time- and cost-saving managed print services to the healthcare industry.

Our team of experts has in-depth understanding of the challenges and unique requirements of the industry that we can leverage to assess your current print environment and analyze functionality and current cost.

This analysis will assist us in recommending the perfect MPS solution to help you save money, secure your data, minimize downtime and lower the frustration level of your staff, allowing you to focus on your ultimate goal — exceptional patient care.

Ready to see how a PointManagement MPS solution can help you manage your print environment to keep your practice running smoothly? Contact a PointManagement MPS consultant and get an assessment today!