PointManagement’s Reforestation for Sustainability

Do you have a team at your company responsible for sustainability initiatives? More businesses have established concrete and measurable processes to protect the environment. Environmental initiatives are good for business, too, as customers are increasingly interested in doing business with companies that have make sustainability a priority.

In fact, a recent study shows that 87 percent of people surveyed made purchases from businesses based on the company’s advocacy for an issue they care about.

One of the most pressing issues for our planet is the destruction of forests for the manufacture of wood and paper products. Global Forest Watch disclosed that in 2018, thirty football fields-worth of forests were eradicated every sixty seconds.

Forests are essential for our planet’s health as they provide habitats, filter our water and air, and help regulate our climate, making reforestation an important part of a strong sustainability effort.

However, many companies aren’t sure how to get the sustainability ball rolling. That’s where PointManagement can help.

Our simple, easy-to-incorporate system of environmental initiatives can help you reduce your — and your customer’s — carbon footprint.  We provide a series of resources that you can integrate into your business one at a time or all at once, as you choose.

Our Environmental Impact Methods Boost Your Sustainability

Sustainability programs are a great way to gain consumer respect while doing something positive to help our environment. At PointManagement, we provide a range of actions you can take to solidify your corporate responsibility program and decrease your carbon footprint.

Let’s look at one with the most impact — global reforestation.

Jumpstart Your Sustainability with Reforestation Through PrintReleaf

You and your customers can help preserve — and increase — forests around the globe by participating in our partnership with PrintReleaf.

Joining is simple — automated software provided by PrintReleaf measures consumption data over time by integrating effortlessly with our Managed Print Services (MPS) to accurately determine paper usage.

This data calculates your “paper footprint” to arrive at the appropriate number of trees needed to offset that number.

Then, for every 8,333 pages printed, PrintReleaf will plant a tree in the forest of your choice in locations around the world — from Madagascar to Mexico to the United States and beyond.

PrintReleaf’s reforestation projects not only help your business contribute to our planet’s environmental health, but they also offer employment to the communities in which they operate to revitalize local economies.

If you’re looking for even more ways to increase your organization’s level of environmental responsibility, you can add another element to increase your positive impact on resources.

Then, Add in Remanufactured Toner

Statistics show that over 375 million OEM cartridges are choking landfills every year. And consider this: It takes a thousand years for just one of these cartridges to decompose, putting a heavy burden on the environment.

Using remanufactured cartridges —cartridges that have been remanufactured using recycled empty cores from OEM products use 44% fewer natural resources and have a 51% smaller environmental impact. 

Plus, using remanufactured cartridges contributes to your overall sustainability by keeping cartridges out of the landfill.

High-end cartridge remanufacturers provide superior-quality products that meet or exceed OEM standards, so you can enjoy cost savings and quality alongside environmental benefits.

Looking for another path toward sustainability? Include recycling in the mix.

And Include Recycling for the Win

Finally, round out your strategic sustainability program by adding in recycling and collection. At PointManagement, we offer a recycling program that gives customers a dedicated site so they can easily manage return shipping labels and pallet pickups on their own.

Resellers get full credit for what their customers return without the need to manage return labels or scheduled pickups for their customers. And we pay the freight to the recycling center.

Increase Your Company’s Sustainability Using PointManagement’s Sustainability Initiatives

At PointManagement, we understand the many benefits of a strong corporate responsibility program that focuses on sustainability and environmental objectives. That’s why we offer a full range of sustainability initiatives to our customers that are easy to implement and provide the maximum impact to the health of our planet — and your company’s reputation.

If you’re ready to start offsetting your carbon footprint with our easy-to-manage protocols, contact us today and start — or enhance — your environmental profile now.

Optimize Your Mobile Fleet for Competitive Advantage

As you know, businesses run increasingly on mobile devices — tablets, phones, and industrial scanners. Here is the state of mobile use currently:

  • Nearly 94% of mobile workers have a smartphone and 41% of them own a tablet
  • Ninety-one percent of employees in corporations use at least one mobile app for business
  • Almost a quarter of employees (21%) use department-specific business apps
  • Most companies (87%) expect employees to use personal mobile devices for work
  • Fifty-eight percent of companies are focused on enabling mobile access to crucial enterprise systems using apps

These trends are not surprising, since one report by Digital Strategy Consulting showed that mobile apps can boost worker productivity by a stellar 34% — and more productive workers mean good health for your bottom line.

However, if you’re looking to leverage the increased efficiency and productivity of mobile services, you’ll need to manage them effectively to get optimal results.

What to Expect from a Managed Mobile Services Provider

We’ve touched on the fact that mobile services can enhance company productivity, but there are a host of other benefits that can be accessed by outsourcing mobile device asset and process management with a managed mobile services (MMS) expert.

MMS suppliers apply best practices software and services with a single, repeatable process for accountability and control. Using managed services can enhance these benefits by reducing pressure on in-house staff to procure, deploy, and manage your fleet of devices. Additionally, MMS suppliers can help you easily manage new hires with a preset system of devices, applications, carriers, and policy tools based on job code – integrated with your corporate HR system.

This typically includes advanced security measures such as access controls, encryption, authentication, and virus protection; remotely-managed protocol in case of loss or theft; establishing and monitoring mobile security policies; and providing dedicated support and fleet refresh and recycling.

The SaaS and services should also include smart Wireless Telecom Expense Management (TEM) to dramatically reduce carrier expense – often enough to pay for the MMS provider’s services.

A good MMS provider will also have specific and deep expertise and systems around logistics. Few providers emphasize this important factor, and without solid logistics management, an otherwise robust MMS program can quickly become misaligned with corporate objectives. You should expect:

  • Mass app load including MDM like VMWare/AirWatch, using tools like Android Enterprise
  • Kitting accessories along with tablet and phone deployments
  • Onsite logistics of products, parts, and technicians delivered directly to your end user
  • Repair logistics including advance replacement and RMA support for OEM warranty repairs
  • White glove onsite exchange to ensure the asset being replaced is returned to repair depot
  • Robust technology for recycling including fully automated asset retrieval during the refresh
  • Accessories orders fulfillment

Finally, your MMS provider will integrate the mobile SaaS with your corporate systems like Service Now, Salesforce, and procurement, HR, and travel software to further leverage your legacy applications, better inform decision-making, and automate workflow. Your corporate policies are communicated, monitored and controlled. And you and your users have a single point of help desk support 24 x 7 regardless of carrier or device. Once you’ve implemented best practices SaaS and services, you can begin to use mobility for competitive advantage.

Ready to Bring Best Practices to Your Mobility Program?

Get Access to the most Advanced MMS with PointManagement

PointManagement’s groundbreaking MMS service plan features trademarked services unlike any other in the industry.

If your company needs intensive, full-service features like individually designed MMS plans, outstanding services available onsite and through a dedicated portal, and superior asset management for the life of your mobile assets, PointManagement has got you covered. We feature Gartner Magic Quadrant SaaS integrated with your corporate systems and our logistics expertise.

For more information on how your company can start being more productive right now, contact us today and start putting mobility to work for you.